Step Operation

The ZM600i step is an alternative to the ZM600 where the requirement is for a more utilitarian tread on the step where the application does not require the more expensive tread and rubber trims as fitted to the ZM600.


The ZM600i manual frame step is deployed by a damped gas spring which is activated by depressing the release foot pedal at the side of the tread. The step is simply stowed by pushing the tread fully in by foot. The steps can be optionally supplied fitted with a limit switch.




Tread size deployed: 300mm x 630mm
Tread edge from sill deployed: 90mm
Tread deployment movement: 248mm
Tread width: 630mm
Frame depth behind sill lip: 335mm
Overall width of case: 716mm


10.4 kgs

Standard Equipment

Extruded Anodised Aluminium ribbed tread profile
Nylon corner mouldings
Stainless steel tread edge trim and tread depth extension
Damped gas spring
BZP Finished to JS500 Steel Frame
Nylon pivot bearings
Rubber pedal cover


Limit Switch
Vehicle Mounting Kits for suitable vehicles


12 months on site


The Company has a policy of continual improvement and reserves the right to change the product specifications without notice.