Geared Electric Motors

Stayco geared electric motors have been developed utilising the considerable experience and expertise of our European electric motor supplier. They are the result of a two year development programme with many hours of testing in different applications and environments.

The units are assembled in our works with strict quality control standards being applied throughout the manufacture and assembly process.

Originally designed for use in vehicle cassette steps, these geared motors are extremely thin for their output torque. They are IP67 rated, all metal geared and cased to cope with the harsh environments and abuse encountered in these applications. They are ideally suited for activation of flaps, lids, covers, sliding units and orientating equipment and seating. They provide a robust, high torque, compact unit suitable for short intermittent operation.

Electric Motor:

  • Permanent magnet DC electric motor
  • EMC suppressed
  • Thermal switch
  • Easily replaceable brush housing also containing suppression and thermal switch
  • Armature mounted with front ball bearing and rear plain bearing
  • Type of duty: Typical S2-20min utilising full torque
  • Continuous rated at nominal torque.

Motor Tables


  • Steel worm integral with armature shaft
  • Bronze worm wheel
  • EN8 steel spur final reduction gears
  • Output gear mounted in sintered bronze plain bearings and fitted with oil seals
  • Overall gearbox reduction 173.4:1
  • Casing and cover die cast alloy
  • Through-splined output gear


  • Choice of output shafts, activation arms, mounted limit switches
  • Wire harnesses
  • Control units and switches