Step Operation

The BM600 manual cassette step is deployed by a damped gas spring which is activated by simply pushing the tread edge in a small distance with your foot and releasing. Once deployed, the tread is automatically locked in that position by a patented catch system which is activated by the weight of the person standing on the tread. The step is simply stowed by pushing the tread fully in by foot until the over-centre latch engages. There are no vulnerable release pedals required to operate the step.

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VCA Test Report


Tread size deployed: 300mm x 610mm
Tread deployment movement: 245mm
Minimum projection of case below sill height: 68mm
Case depth behind sill lip: 470mm
Closed tread projection out from sill lip: 55mm
Overall width of case: 690mm



Standard Equipment

Extruded Anodised Aluminium ribbed tread profile
Extruded Anodised Aluminium Side arms
Rubber Weather Flap to underside of Tread
High visibility corner mouldings
Galvanised Steel Case
Stainless Steel Rails
Nylon Rollers


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