Step Operation

The DC600 is deployed standing outside the vehicle and simply pulling on the grab handle to swing the step out through the doorway and lower it to its fully deployed position. It is stowed again from standing outside the vehicle and lifting the grab handle to fold it back through the doorway until it is fully folded and retained by the anti-rattle spring clips. The weight of the step when deploying or stowing is assisted by tension springs mounted each side of the step unit.

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VCA Test Report


Tread width: 610mm
Step raiser heights:
193mm (Top to Mid Step)
194mm (Mid to Lower Step)
Floor heights: 570mm - 700mm



Standard Equipment

Extruded Anodised Aluminium ribbed tread profile
Extruded Anodised Aluminium Side arms and links
Nylon pivot bearings
Rubber tiger strip to top tread
Grab handle
Assist springs
Floor mounting plates


12 months
Complies with all current legislative requirements.
CE marked.