Step Operation

The ZE600D electric frame step has all the atributes of the ZE step range but has been specifically designed to fit the Electric Ducato and similar vehicles where there is very limited space to mount an underfloor step due to the underslung batteries fitted to this vehicle type. It is powered by a robust all metal geared Stayco electric motor fitted with Hall limit sensors for improved tolerance to dirt, vibration and cold. There is a removable drive pin that disengages the drive to the motor in the event of a power failure while the step is deployed. The tread can then be stowed by hand to allow the vehicle to get home.

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Tread size deployed: 260mm x 630mm
Tread deployment movement: 200mm
Minimum projection of frame below sill height: 54mm
Frame depth behind sill lip: 184mm
Maximum closed tread projection out from sill lip: 141mm
Overall width of frame and motor cover: 710mm



Standard Equipment

Extruded Anodised Aluminium ribbed tread profile
High grip Yellow and Black Rubber Strip to tread top edge
Soft Rubber Cushion Strip to leading edge of tread
Nylon corner mouldings
Stainless steel tread edge trim
BZP Steel Frame
Nylon pivot bearings
Galvanised Steel Motor Cover
Stayco 12v all metal geared electric motor unit


Vehicle Mounting Kit
Wire loom kit consisting of:
Wire loom
Control Unit
Dash switch
Dash warning light


2 years