SF Series Steps

The SF series of side door fold out steps have been designed to be mounted on the floor of front wheel drive vans or in the standard step well of the higher floored rear wheel drive models. When deployed, they provide a step of 250mm depth approximately 240mm below their mounted height. The manual versions have a folded depth of only 185mm and the electric version 211mm. These steps have four main advantages:

  1. They do not interfere with the door lower track.
  2. When mounted in a standard vehicle step well, they increase the step well depth by a further 75mm. This can save on expensive body/floor alterations.
  3. They do not require any support from the outer sill surface of the vehicle.
  4. They are extremely easy and quick to mount on a vehicle.

Virtually all constructed of anodized aluminum, with nylon bearings in the pivot joints, these steps are light and easy to use. They have the advantage of internal stowage and therefore do not affect the ground clearance of the vehicle or suffer from exposure to the elements encountered under the vehicle. The manual versions can be deployed in an emergency from inside the vehicle with a kick or pressing the foot pedal if fitted with a hand rail and the electric version by pulling the drive release latch and pushing the step out.

Each step comes with a pair of 8mm thick steel floor mounting plates and 6mm backing plates which are securely bolted to the vehicle floor or step well platform. There are alternative mounting plates which pick up on the step well back wall for applications where it is not possible to drill through the step well floor or back wall. They are easily installed into a vehicle and the step unit can be quickly detached from the mounting plates for servicing or cleaning.

Model Range