Step Operation

The SFE600 is the first electric powered internal fold-out step available on the market.  It has been developed primarily for the Electric Transit as underfloor electric or manual steps are not possible to mount to this vehicle due to the position of the underslung batteries.  The step like the rest of the SF range mounts in the stepwell of a RWD van or on the floor of a FWD. Apart from the standard mounting kit, there is a special mounting kit for the RWD E Transit consisting of a rear step well wall panel, to be bonded to the step well wall (No drilling allowed by Ford), connecting mounting plates and a front step well edge reenforcing strip.  In the event of a power failure, the electric drive can be disconnected, and the step folded manually.  The step is powered by a Stayco all metal geared electric motor.

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Tread width: 610mm
Tread Height below floor mounting height: 240mm
Minimum step well width to mount step: 790mm
Minimum step well depth to mount step: 211mm



Standard Equipment

Extruded Anodised Aluminium ribbed tread profile
Extruded Anodised Aluminium Side arms and links
Nylon pivot bearings
Rubber tiger strip to top tread
Stayco 12v Electric Motor with damped gas spring assist


Vehicle mounting kits
E Transit Mounting Kit
Wiring Kit consisting of:
Dash Loom
Body Loom
Control Box
Warning Light


12 months on site
Complies with all current legislative requirements.
CE marked.